Big shout-out to scribblesincrayon for not only suggesting Charles Ross’ Richard III, but also for doing her best to bright his very important reflections on More home to the WOTR community on Tumblr—that Thomas More wasn’t as much of a “propagandist” as we often like to claim, but that he was making a dramatized case against tyranny and seized upon both Richard’s misfortunes and the existing Tudor tradition to make that case.

I think that’s something everyone who’s even interested in Richard could stand to hear, and to seriously consider.

(It’s also worth noting, though, that Ross doesn’t consider More of much historical value—for the above reasons—which makes me even more skeptical of the works and conclusions of someone like Alison Weir.)

Becoming Audrey Horne: Update

I found a truly perfect Audrey skirt today (much more her aesthetic, I must admit, than the one I was so excited about two weeks ago).

[Here’s a picture.]

Unfortunately, it didn’t fit me very well, and a size up would have been enormous on my waist but would have fit through the hips (if I actually tried to tone my fat-ass legs maybe things would fit me better all over).


❝ Logically, Adam knew that he had nothing to miss, that he effectively had Stockholm syndrome, identifying with his captors, considering it a kindness when his father didn’t hit him. Objectively, he knew he was abused. He knew the damage went deeper than any bruise he’d ever worn to school. He could endlessly dissect his reactions, doubt his emotions, wonder if he, too, would grow up to hit his own kid. ❞
—— The Raven Boys, Maggie Stiefvater

Richard, Duke of Gloucester, was the youngest son of Richard, Duke of York and Cecily Neville. By the time his brother became King Edward IV, when Richard was just eleven, he had already endured many hardships, including the deaths of his beloved father and eldest brother Edmund, and foreign exile. However, he soon proved himself to be a young man of character: he was a valiant warrior and a fiercely loyal subject. Though he (likely already) had two illegitimate children when he married Anne Neville, he seems to have been faithful to her—highly unusual for the time. Richard was, of course, hardly a saint. Yet while questions remain concerning his actions following Edward’s death in 1483, the fact remains that he was a remarkably successful and socially-conscious king despite his his brief reign. He died bravely in the summer of 1485 and remains the last English king to have fallen in battle.

I was going to type something poetic and eloquent here, but all I can think to say is, wow, I really don’t deserve to have anyone as wonderful and loyal and patient as you as a friend. It’s been a long nine months, full of ups and downs for both of us, and you’ve been there for me despite my mood swings and temperamental nonsense almost every single day of it. It started with Hannibal, but it’s so much more than that now. You’re perfect and beautiful just the way you are and I hope you never change. Happy birthday, darling. Here’s to a great year.

Sherilyn Fenn as Dr. Halleli Lecter

(for Savvy on her birthday because the other thing was so lame)

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This is terrible and it doesn’t even remotely sum up either your wonderfulness or how much you mean to me since you keep putting up with me, definitely not as much as last year’s did. But I love you even more now (thiiiiiiiis much more—shh, just imagine it) than I did then. May we continue to wreak havoc on each other’s emotions and to bitch and moan about this site together, and may you continue convincing me to find odd-looking men attractive and sucking me into television shows of questionable quality, for another year. You’ll always be my boo and partner in crime (even if sometimes I regret it).

Review: The Raven Boys

The Raven Boys (The Raven Cycle, #1)

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Ah, I knew there would be at least one asshole on this site bitching about the font choice I made on that Romanovs graphic.

Believe it or not, I know it’s not Cyrillic—and yes, I know Cyrillic is not a “font,” because I’m actually not that igorant—nor was it supposed to be (surprise!).

If you think it was “the stupidest stylistic choice ever" (oh Tumblr and its tendency to lend itself to gross exaggeration), just ignore it, or make your own goddamn graphic.

If you really have the time and energy to be really offended by a font, I’d like to know where you get both.